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It is never an adventure until you spend the night in the woods. And if you are ready for that, we are here to help you get through! We are here to provide you with what you need to experience your adventure at its best out in the wild. It doesn’t matter if you have gone camping before. The only thing what matters is your urge to have an adventure and our job is to make sure that you get through!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do the tents have to be anchored to the ground?

The tent must be anchored with stakes, according to manufacturer's specifications. The preferred method of anchoring is to attach the tent to the ground with large metal stakes, in some cases we can secure the tent to permanent fixtures.

Q. Can I have the tent erected on concrete or asphalt?

Yes you can, using heavy rocks or stones. But the tent will not withstand if there are heavy wind.

Q. What if the land is sloped?

If the ground has a major slope in it, it is probably not feasible to setup a tent. However, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you would be comfortable slleeping in an inclined bed.

Q. Can I cook in a tent?

Generally, no. While our tents are flameproof, they are not suitable for grilling or other forms of cooking. Licensed caterers can use equipment to keep food warm inside a tent. Any grilling or other cooking must occur outside the tent area or in a separate tent designated only for catering use. Catering tents always include fire extinguishers.

Q. What are payment terms?

You are to pay a 50% non-refundable advance payment upon reseravtion. On the day of collection of tents, the remaining must be paied with a refundable deposit of 50%.

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